NEET 2016 Results with Ranks for NEET Exam 2016 - Admission in Medical – CBSE NEET result 2016

What is NEET 2016 Result

Neet 2016 is an entrance exam for all the students who wants to get admission into medical collages of India. Before neet , AIPMT and CPMT exam was the main pass to get admission into any medical collage of india. And there as many other state level exams to get admission into the state level collages.Now The supreme court of India has issued an order about the admission into the medical collage, and according to that order, Every student who want to get enroll into the medical collage for the education of medial couses like MBBS / MD / BDS and other courses, They have to qualify the NEET result 2016 . For Neet 2016 result Some states are not coming under neet 2016 exam, because some days ago The president of India has issued an order. According to the order issued by the president of india, States can ignore the neet exam, But only for year 2016. It means they are not coming under neet result 2016

Neet 2016 Results

AIPMT = Neet

If you are thinking that aimpt has been banned then you are wrong because Government of India has just chaged the name of AIPMT along with the some new rules .So not AIPMT is fully converted into neet and for this year this is known as Neet result 2016 . Its first phase of exam has been completed and result is much awaited. Neet 2016 Phase 1 exam was held on 1 may 2016. The second phase of neet2016 is under process. The authority of neet 2016 is receiving applications from the candidates. So if you was not join the neet 2016 phases 2 exam then please submit the neet 2016 exam phase 2 application.

Neet Phase 2

Neet Result 2016

The application process of neet 2016 phase 2 is under process. The candidates whom were not apply to the neet 2016 phase 1 exam then they can apply for the neet phase 2. CBSE will organise the entrance exam for Neet Phase 2 on 24 of july 2016 and result of both exam, Phase 1 and phase 2 will come out on 17 of august 2016 .

Benifit Of Neet 2016 Result

Some experts are saying that this exam will be a good for all the students of medical science. They donot have to fill many application to get admission into seprate collages. Students will apply for only one entrence exam and can take admission into any collage of india according to the marks obtained into neet 2016 result . If result is good then the way is open for the top medical collages of India. so they don't need to worry about the neet and some other exams. Only focus on the marks and get enrolled.

Important Things About Neet Result 2016

1- Persident of india approved neet ordinance After huge noise about the neet exam and neet result 2016, The government of india has released an ordinance for provide some relive to the state medical collages from neet 2016. The president of India has approved the ordinances of Government of india. Now with rule of neet ordinance , State medical collage can ignore the neet 2016 Result and then can enroll students according to their own entrance exam. This ordinance is only for some states. The state medical collages can only ignore neet 2016 exam and thay have to participate into neet 2017 exam .

Central health minister JP Nadaa says that neet result 2016 is allowed. Some states has explain their problems about their different syllabus and local language and we decided to provide reliefe to them. So any state who want to come under the neet exam 2016 then their most welcome if they don't want that its ok. But only for the year 2016. After the neet result 2016 they have to come under the neet examination.

According to JP Nadda?, Saven states are coming under neet exam. UP is out of NEET and Bihar is coming under neet 2016 exam. All private institute will come under 2016 only government collage can decline neet 2016 score .

Neet result 2016 Cut Off

Neet 2016 exam phase 1 was held on 1 may 2016. In that exam Physics was so hard and biology was quite easy for the students. So cut off will be quite simple. Some medial experts says that , Cut off of neet 2016 will be near about 72%. So if you are student of neet 2016 and your obtain 72% then your selection is confirm. Be confirm that , neet 2016 result will announce on 17 of august. some Experts are saying that , The total number of exam was 720 numbers and the candidate who will obtain almost 72% can get selection , but some experts are saying that 70% marks is enough for this exam. After the neet 2016 exam some students are saying that the paper of physics was so hard so cut off will low but biology section was simple so we are confused about the cut off. According to CBSE the result of neet phase exam which was held on 1 may , will be announce after the neet phase 2 exam. The official date to announce neet 2016 result is 17 August .